Let’s COMMUNICATE, Flourish and Prosper!

“Communication is the universal solvent.” – L.Ron Hubbard

“Secrecy is the freedom tyrants dream of.” — Bill Meyers




  Dmarie wrote @

If anyone wants to get in comm with a singer from Chicago email me at dmtravelbugged@gmail.com

  David Griffin wrote @

What is a Scientologist?
It sure isn’t what DM & company are manifesting and promoting.

For those with access to the newsgroup A.R.S. (alt.religion.scientology), I just posted something which all true Scientologists should read. It is posted by Thetaone (me), and if you don’t have access to the newsgroup, I can email same.

  David Griffin wrote @

My email addy is thetaone@icehouse.net

  Stew Seeker wrote @

Hi! This is my 3rd post on this site. I see lots of good stuff about being open, free, & communicative. Still, I haven’t recieved even 1 reply to my numerous questions about Scientology. Is there a beginners section I’m missing? I’m still interested in learning what Scientology is about when the issues of the Cof$ are taken away. I’m not a reporter or someone you’d have to worry about talking to. I didn’t list my email because I read that the Cof$ has hacked into this site & I don’t want to give it to them. Is that true? Will anyone here explain some basics about Scn to me & tell me what it’s done to make your life better? Is there a more appropriate place for me to post these questions? Thanks, Stew

  independents connections wrote @

Sorry for the delay on answering you… yes you can post this questions on http://www.silviakusada.wordpress.com or in http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/

or you can write me at skusada2010@gmail.com


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