– Job Seek


I can deliver auditing  in Italian and english (in emergencies also in spanish) to any person Interested in case gain and spiritual improvement of any case level. For lack of visa reasons I’m unable to deliver in the US. Unnecessary repairs or HCO secV are not part of any of my services.

write to:  Ignazio Tidu: sutidu59@hotmail.it

– COUNSELING (02/03/2010):

Class 6 offer counseling assistence in LA.

e-mail to: skldlmag@yahoo.com

– Original one-of-a-kind Art; (02/03/2010)
Dan Koon

Paintings, portraits, reproductions._Acrylics, oils, mixed media.

Negotiable fees.

See samples at: www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/dan-koon.html


Private or group Italian lessons available from a native italian. $90 hour or $60 for groups.

write to: skusada2010@gmail.com



Sono disponibile per lezioni della lingua Inglese nella zona di Milano.

30 Euro all’ora. 15 euro per gruppi.

write to: skusada2010@gmail.com


GRAPHIC DESIGN and FINE ART work (Los Angeles)

Portrait of Trey

Stationary logos, art works.

Portraits, murals and more.

Contact me at:



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