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I’m not looking for a husband but for a true team player!

A man with high integrity, financially successful, happy enough to enjoy and contribute to my daily enthusiasm, a person with dedication and truth in himself… A team member with good sense of humor. A man who believes in love and passion and has good manners.

E-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

Independent Silvia Kusada OT8, Class VI





  Your Humble Servant wrote @

hI, Sylvia. Sorry, I’m already married, but I would definitely respond if I weren’t. You are one beautiful lady!

  Silvia Kusada wrote @

Thank you!! big hug to you

  alexsgabor wrote @

I’m sending you an email!

  bazuka74 wrote @

I fit the bill in all except the financially successful bit, … what after all these donations!!

Ah, yes and also I am married, and even without the ‘financially successful’ bit, we have a wonderful life. Not that we don’t have money for the the things we need, we do, but not to the degree we can stop creating more of it.

I wish you all the best in your search, and as I was 45 when I married, I know finding the right partner in life is not so easy.

All the best … from Kim.

  Markee Marqui wrote @

Of course, I am looking for someone truthful, ethical, and on-purpose; what Scientologist or Independent isn’t? However, I am also looking for someone very special. I am overjoyed that I found this site. I have been a Scientologist for over 20 years. I’ve been suspicious throughout the years of different things and feel I can prove some lies, some intentional and some just plain group agreement. I don’t necessarily agree with everything the Independents do and have a lot to say about my viewpoint which I will put in a blog later on.

Independent Scientologist cougar looking for super special same religion man. You should ideally be pan-sexual as well. I know that just the mention of this is liable to pull in all kinds of trash. But I also know that if you’re super ethical and have this interest as well, you’re likely to be one of the few on earth. I am that way and looking for my better half to start with.

I have a very good sense of humor and can be pretty wacky at times. You should have a good sense of humor and be very playful. You should be very intelligent, talented and a bit creative. I am very intelligent and naturally OT. Although I have not gone very far up the bridge yet, I have studied a lot and my favorite lecture series so far has been The 4th London ACC. My favorite book is Scientology 8008.

More about me: I’m very out-going, kind of fruity in a good way lol, I’m very opinionated and love a great conversation. I’ve got a demanding attitude which wont quit because I believe the squeaky wheel gets the grease (it does -TR3). I’ve also got a keen sense of humor. I am a quadraplegic with MS. I have researched lots of alternative health and I believe I found a way to get better and looking for the right person to walk this journey with me. I am about to launch a web site about it. I’m a total computer geek, an inventor and always been green-minded, I’ve got business knowledge. I used to chop peoples heads off but they paralyzed me so can no longer do it!!!”

I am looking for someone very caring who can handle me being in this very needy physical condition, understands it and can be responsible about it. But also someone who can very much assume the man’s place in a relationship. Although I am very much an independent woman of modern times and will fight with a fiesty attitude to defend my position because I am very intelligent, I need a man who is more intelligent than my myself and successful in at least his area of life as pertains to our 2D. You should be able to assume this position over me. I believe that behind every good man is a woman.

Although I am hypersensitive physically and ‘delicate’ in many ways because of it, I also like to be rough housed and body slammed into bed. I am looking for that super special combo-package of a man where the chemistry is just right and turns me on like wild fire. You don’t necessarily have to be the best looking guy around, but you can’t be fat, should be hot even if it’s just in the aura you give off, strong and should not be much over age 35. I don’t believe in women ‘losing’ sexual interest later in life or just not having as much as men to begin with. If you’re the right one for me, I will be extremely turned on 24/7 to you forever.

You can see a lot of recent pictures of me here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=4231&id=100002260809227&l=e923bb9d46

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